Saturday, 29 September 2007


Finally, as promised here are some pictures of my recent efforts;

This is my work to date on Hubby's hoodie, I feel like I have been knitting this forever, which I suppose is what happens when you try to knit a mans jumper in 4 ply!!! He better like it when I finally finish!

And here is my first ever aran jumper; also taking forever, but at least I can see it growing!

My sock pal socks!!! The top pair are bamboo, and are the yummiest softest pair of socks I have. Both pairs are simply beautiful!

Tempting no? This was a weekend knit, and I love it. I replaced the ribbon with an I cord and button, but have ribbon too, for nights out. It's knit in Debbie bliss DK cotton, and I have to admit I'm contemplating a second.

And these are pics of the exhibition I went to yesterday. The war of the worlds piece is a tapestry, I can hardly believe that someone had that much skill and patience. It was a local exhibition organised by my LYS, and babylonglegs and I had great fun as I took my spinning wheel, and she her knitting, and everyone who came in came over for a chat. Viva the knitting! To top it off, everyone who went to the exhibition got 15% in the shop....I know have a silly amount of knitting to get through...Better get started!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Playing again

I'm playing with my template again, so sorry of some of the site is a bit squiffy!

Monday, 24 September 2007


Yet again I promise to post, and never get round to it, but in my defence I have been far to busy playing with all of the scrummy yarn I bought at the socktopus launch. I can't even begin to describe it, you are just going to have to go see for your self. This is truly going to be my first stop for sock yarn from now on!

In other news, I have decided to join Rigewlter and Pay it forward;

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It’s based of the concept of the movie “Pay it Forward” where acts or deeds of kindness are done without expecting something in return, just passing it on, with hope that the recipients of the acts of kindness are passed on. So here’s how it works. I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange.

Ok all three of my giftees will get 100g of handspun sock yarn, made by moi! I will get it sent to you as soon as I can, but it may not be until after christmas, I will have to see ghow it goes, but it will be worth the wait, I promise.

Oh I feel good just for offering, Me and my warm fuzzy feeling are off for some tea now :)


Thursday, 13 September 2007

Socktopus launches tonight

I can't wait, all of the yummy goodies that have been promised. I will tell you all about it on Sunday when I get back from the big smoke, and I promise to try and get pics, but my record with that hasn't been great recently as you know.

Make sure you check it out

I also wrote (well altered a very well known) song (not that I get overly excitable about things you understand)

I'd like to be under the sea
In a Soctopus's garden in the shade
She'd let us in, knows where we've been
In her Soctopus's garden in the shade

I'd ask my friends to come and see
A Soctopus's garden with me
I'd like to be under the sea
In a Soctopus's garden in the shade

We would be warm below the storm
In our little hideaway beneath the waves
Resting our head we'd knit instead
In a Soctopus's garden near a cave

We would sing, knit in the round,
Because we know we can't be found
I'd like to be under the sea
In a Soctopus's garden in the shade

We would knit and not rip out
The crystal yarn, beneath the waves
(Lies beneath the ocean waves)
Oh what joy for every girl and boy
Knowing they're happy and they're safe
(Happy and they're safe)

We would be so happy you and me
No one there to tell us what to do
I'd like to be under the sea
In a Soctopus's garden with you
In a Soctopus's garden with you
In a Soctopus's garden with you
Hee hee! Have a nice weekend all!

Monday, 10 September 2007


Ok the universe hates my photography. mean it, some one somewhere is deliberately making sure you never get pics of my knitting ever again.

I found the camera this morning (hubby had it hidden in the bedroom, If he's been taking pics of me in my sleep, he's managed to hide them. Knowing how I look when I get up in the morning, I'm sure they're for blackmail purposes as opposed to anything kinkyer) and when I got home this evening, I started photographing all of my knitting. I even had the post written up and saved to drafts.

So what gazumped me you might ask, well I have the USB cable to connect the camera to the pc, but blow me, I can't find the Gizmo that connects the camera to the cable!

So as I have been promising you pics for so long, I thought I would show you what some of my favourite bloggers have been doing instead, ok?

Mochi Mochi has been doing her first quilt, I'm so jealous I could cry, I can't sew for toffee!

has been doing this beautiful long scarf, in steel wool. I have to admit it makes me think of pan scourers to imagine knitting with steel wool, but I can see Riggwelter has proved me wrong!

And babylong legs has been doing more of what she does best...aren't they the cutest

& I promise, you will get pictures of what I've been up to, just as soon as the gizmo turns up!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Still no pics

Ok, I know I said that there would be pictures today, but I started knitting Tempting yesterday afternoon, and just couldn't stop until it was finished. I've just added an I cord with button instead of the ribbon as in the pattern, as I wanted it to be a bit less frilly for day to day wear. I'm going to buy some ribbon this week though, so I can have it as evening wear too, and I think I might wear it to the Socktopus launch next Friday.

I wasn't going to start anything new this month as I have 2 long term WIP's that I'm not making as much progress with as I'd like, but I had a need to finish something that wasn't socks, and knew that this would be a really quick knit. I cast on about 2pm yesterday, and as hubby and I were having a lazy weekend round the house, I had loads of time o knit, in between a little bit of cleaning and sleeping.

The house is looking wonderful, and I can't believe how easy it is to keep tidy now that I've had a proper blitz. The 2 bedrooms have still to be done, which caused a lot of embarrassment when hubby came home Friday night, drunk, with friends in tow who were unexpectedly stopping the night (it was 3 am when they rolled in, so last minute tidying was out of the question). Hubby's version of cleaning the spare room was throwing everything off the bed in the spare room (where it had been temporarily stored) onto to the floor!

Well I have a night to myself tomorrow, and am determined to find the camera, charge it, and overwhelm you with pictured of all of my WIP's, latest FO's, and Sockapalooza socks.


Friday, 7 September 2007

New look

Well I've finally given my blog a new look that I'm happy with, for now anyway. I've been teaching myself web design, and was going to do more (I haven't knit all week, instead I've been sat sourcing pics etc to design myself a proper site) the problem is that I just can't decide what I want.

I finally realised that all of the time I was spending trying to re-design the blog, was time I wasn't spending knitting or blogging, which seemed a bit silly! So I'm back. I really must try and make more effort to write more, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day lately.

I've had a really tired couple of weeks, which hasn't helped, although on Tuesday I took my max dose, and didn't sleep a wink, I swear, I must have aged 10 years during Wednesday, trying to get through the day, I can barely remember it. Oh well lesson learnt.

Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to post some pics over the weekend, but in the mean time I'd love to hear what you all think of the new look.