Saturday, 12 January 2008

Knitting Slump

Do you want to hear something amazing...I have no knit a stitch all year, nor have I spun anything!

I don't know what it is, it's just not exciting me at the moment; I look at the stash and it's not giving me the excited feelings it used to! I have a jumper that is half a sleeve and a yoke away from completion, prob less then a weeks work, and it's just sitting in the knitting basket staring at me; I have a beautiful pair of socks that I look at and knw they are beautiful, but do I want to put the effort in...nope!

I miss the excitement that I used to get from knitting, I just seem to have lost the zing...

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Hello again

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. Happy new year to you all. Everything has been very much up in the air over the last month, between getting ready for Christmas, a very busy work schedule, and taking care of the rats, I have barely had a minute to think about knitting or blogging.

I have done little bits and pieces of knitting, I've nearly finished a chunky jumper for lee, and I've finished a pair of socks that ave been on the needles for months but that's about it.

The rats are pretty much fully grown now, and we have added a third to our mischief; This is Skadi (freya, Sif & Skadi are all norse goddesses, we thought we would follow a theme)

And here are the three girls together posing

She is an absolutely beautiful girl, both to look at, and in temperament. We are even considering entering her into a local rat show (yes such things exist!)

Having 3 rats is far more work then I imagines, as we have to spend at least 20 minutes one on one with them each day at the moment to get them properly socialised (because the first 2 were from a *spit* pet shop, and Sakdi had not been treated well by her original owners, if we had had them from a rescue centre or rat breeder they would have much better temperaments) then we give them at least an hour to run around. We have had to cover all of the wires in the living room, but it's been worth it to watch the excitement on their faces when they get to run around.

I used to think people were mad when they cooked meals for their animals, but I regularly find myself worrying more about buying veg for the rats then I do about buying food for me, and even their base dry food is specially made up for them! I must be nuts! Despite all of that though, I am still considering getting more of the little darlings, but that will have to wait until I can buy a bigger cage, or extend the one we have, and really we need to get Freya and Sif through the "hormonal phase" they seem to be going through at the moment (teenagers, honestly what a handful,, at least these teenagers can be locked in their cage when they are driving us nuts!)

lee and I had a lovely lazy Christmas, and got lots of wonderful prezzies; I'll try and be good and post more, and I will be trying to email everyone over the next week or so to arrange get together and catch up drinkies (even if they're just metaphorical online drinkies)