Tuesday, 11 November 2008

oooh look another post

Seeing as a couple of people have commented, meaning you are actually reading, I thought I better give you something pretty to look at.

This is Fyberspates merino tencel, from Iknit day

It's 3 ply, about 14wpi, and just under 100g. Now if I can only decide what to knit with it!

And some of you have seen the half finished version of these, Hubby's hand spun socks, it's a cable plied corriedale, dyed with gaywool dye in rosemary. No idea what the wpi or yardage is on these, but he's happy, (so my life is quiet). This was my first time trying an afterthought heel, and my god was it terrifying cutting something I had knit, I thought I was going to pass out!

And finally, this is some BFL, one of my early food colouring dying attempts, and yes it really is half red and half green, and kind of reminds me of apple sourz. Again it's going to be a 3 ply sport(ish) weight yarn.


Anonymous yogicknitter said...

That is lovely and oh so your colours.

11 November 2008 at 11:50  
Anonymous nora said...

I thought I was going to pass out when you told me about the after-thought heel! looks terrific.

11 November 2008 at 19:40  
Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

All of us in Sock Madness II had hysterics when faced with the afterthought heel but once we discovered the 'two rows of waste yarn' technique, it wasn't so bad. That way you don't have to cut into the precious actual sock yarn.

(Do I scent a possible contestant for next year's Sock Madness...?)

20 November 2008 at 21:22  

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