Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sand & Shingle

Fibre: merino Tencel from Fyberspates in Gold & Brown

Yarn: 3 ply 14wpi 300m 96g, plied at 10:1

Singles 36wpi, spun at 12:1

I split the yarn length wise into three, the colour didn't quite penetrate all of the fibre so 1 length was very deep colours and the other two had some whit running a long side each colour.

I broke off each colour segment and spun it from the fold, resulting in 1 ply with very solid colours, and 2 plies that barber poled from taking from the colour and the white at the same time.

I plied the singles with a very controlled plying, inch worming to ensure that i maintained an even ply throughout. I didn't try to control the colours plying together to achieve a varigated effect which was helped along by the barber poling in the individual plies.



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