Sunday 7 December 2008

Saturday 15 November 2008

More spinning

I must be feeling very spinny this week, I just seem to want to keep starting things. Instead of finishing my apple sourz spinning that I started last week, I decided instead to start on some BFL humbug top that i have had for ages, It was from Wingham I think.There was about 160g, so I decided to do a 3 ply, using 2 plies of this, and a single ply of plain brown BFL I had.

I spun them long draw from the fold, and the resulting yarn was 10wpi, a lovely squooshy soft aran yarn

Which is now fast becoming this scarf for Lee.

I've also been doing a little spindling over the last couple of weeks, this is the Chameleon Colorworks BFL I bought at the socktopus opening, I'm about 25g in and it's (fingers crossed) going to be a self striping 2 ply laceweight.
(sorry the pic is sideways I have lost all patience with my computer by this point)

And finally the natural dye studio silk I finished spinning a couple of weeks ago, just because I haven't posted any pics of it anywhere yet

And the scarf it is being knitted into

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Tuesday 11 November 2008

Sand & Shingle

Fibre: merino Tencel from Fyberspates in Gold & Brown

Yarn: 3 ply 14wpi 300m 96g, plied at 10:1

Singles 36wpi, spun at 12:1

I split the yarn length wise into three, the colour didn't quite penetrate all of the fibre so 1 length was very deep colours and the other two had some whit running a long side each colour.

I broke off each colour segment and spun it from the fold, resulting in 1 ply with very solid colours, and 2 plies that barber poled from taking from the colour and the white at the same time.

I plied the singles with a very controlled plying, inch worming to ensure that i maintained an even ply throughout. I didn't try to control the colours plying together to achieve a varigated effect which was helped along by the barber poling in the individual plies.


oooh look another post

Seeing as a couple of people have commented, meaning you are actually reading, I thought I better give you something pretty to look at.

This is Fyberspates merino tencel, from Iknit day

It's 3 ply, about 14wpi, and just under 100g. Now if I can only decide what to knit with it!

And some of you have seen the half finished version of these, Hubby's hand spun socks, it's a cable plied corriedale, dyed with gaywool dye in rosemary. No idea what the wpi or yardage is on these, but he's happy, (so my life is quiet). This was my first time trying an afterthought heel, and my god was it terrifying cutting something I had knit, I thought I was going to pass out!

And finally, this is some BFL, one of my early food colouring dying attempts, and yes it really is half red and half green, and kind of reminds me of apple sourz. Again it's going to be a 3 ply sport(ish) weight yarn.

Friday 7 November 2008

I'm back

having been bugged by Nora at the Socktopus launch party last sunday, I have finally revived my blog. I don't know if I'll keep us with posting, but I can but try.

Hopefully blogging via email on my mobile will help me keep on top of it a little, but we shall see. (of course that depends on whether I keep my mobile charged, but that's a different issue)

I've got some ideas for some posts that might actually e interesting to other folks too, so we'll see how I get on with that. Anyway, I'm not used to all this any more, and it's tired me out, time for me to have a lie down I think.

Saturday 24 May 2008

I passed

I'm so happy, I finally passed my Google adwords professional exam last week, and just to prove it, here's my adwords professional logo! How cool is that!